Health Isn’t an Option - It’s a Lifestyle.

What you eat is just as important

Our certified nutrition coaches are here to help customize your diet so you can feel better, move better, and live a healthier lifestyle. 

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Our nutrition coaches are certified, master-level nutritionists who can guide you towards a healthier relationship with food. With one-on-one appointments you get: 30-minutes (virtual or in person) to meet with a coach, a nutrition assessment, and guidance and effective tips to help in your daily life. Set up an appointment with our nutrition coaches Zak and Kurt for one-on-one dietary coaching! 


Our programs are here for your health and benefit

Don't want to do One-on-one? We have you covered with our holistic nutritional program! For $40 a month, you'll receive: daily emails, habit-changing lessons, a nutrition assessment, and regular check-ins with your coach! All the tools you need to live a healthy life.

Basic Nutrition Membership - $40 per month

Start your wellness journey on the right meal; this membership includes daily emails, habit changing lessons, nutrition assessment, and check-ins with Coach Zak!

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Maintenance Appointment - $50 per appointment

Maintain your healthy eating with an appointment to see our certified nutrition coaches! Includes 30-minute appointment (in-person or virtual) with a nutrition coach, nutrition assessment, and guidance and effective tips that you can use in your everyday life

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Standard Nutrition Membership - $90 per month

Get more out of your nutrition with our standard membership! This option includes all of the perks of a basic membership, but with 1 live 30 minute meeting with Coach Zak per month! 

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Master Level Nutrition Membership - $140 per month

Our most popular offer, a culmination of daily emails, habit changing lessons, nutrition assessments, and 2 live 30 minute meetings with Coach Zak per month all designed to help you improve your relationship with food and build a healthier lifestyle! 

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UCAN delivers a slow release of carbohydrates to steady your blood sugar. 

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Check out our blog for healthy, nutrient rich recipes! You can look through the different foods posted until you find one that's appealing to you.