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Core Membership

Focused Results created this online membership to offer our clients a simple and convenient way to further their health and wellness goals from home. With access to an extensive online library of videos and other content, you receive a variety of tools and resources to supplement your in person training and achieve a balanced and optimal wellness lifestyle.

Core PRO Membership


Get Individual Guidance in supplementing and advancing your goals outside of Focused Results.

One-on-one goal setting and Monthly fitness/wellness program structured around your current lifestyle/fitness regimens. Utilizing the online library as well as your own resources. Add accountability with check-ins, progress tracking and motivation from your Core PRO community.


Video Library (Core and Core PRO Memberships)

This membership covers all the bases to help you reach your goal wherever you are and wherever you want to go.

Find the right membership for you

Kettlebell Workout


  • Access to online workout library.

  • Yoga, Meditation, Recipes, and Nutrition Tips.

  • Optional Precision Nutrition Add-On.

  • $45/month

Crossfit Trainer


  • All the Core Benefits PLUS...

  • Personalized Programing

  • Exclusive online community

  • Initial consultation

  • Monthly individualized programming with one of our trainers

  • Optional Precision Nutrition Add-On

  • $100/month +$15 set up fee

Athletic Man

Precision Nutrition (Add-on)

  • Nutrition Assessment

  • Daily Emails

  • Habit Changing Lessons (Available in audio and text)

  • $40/month

Access To Our Online Library 

Offers a variety of content. Train at your own time, place and schedule. These resources are here to keep you going on you health and wellness goals 24/7!

Personalized online program

With our Pro option, our experienced instructors are here to guide you to the next level with personalized monthly health and fitness programs tailored to you. 


Focus on Nutrition

Sold Separately, this habit based nutrition program is the upgrade needed if nutrition is a priority. Adding this to your subscription will enhance your holistic health and wellness results.

Something For Everyone

Supplement your in person training on your own or start a personalized plan.

Pro Membership Community

This is a fabulous way to stay motivated and engage with your Focused Results community. On the FEED you will be able to post questions, offer and receive advice, share tips, and more with other VIP members.

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