Health Isn’t an Option - It’s a Lifestyle.
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FRC Hip Mobility Workshop

When: Tuesday, December 14 @ 5:30 PM 

Where: Elawa Farm 


Focused Results

Personal Training

Where individuals come to change their lives. Focused Results brings together physical fitness, nutrition coaching, and mindful choices. 

Focused Results:  

Where HEALTH isn't an's a LIFESTYLE !

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Personal Training

Look and feel your best with Focused Results' Personal Training. Our highly-skilled, certified personal trainers will design individualized programs to help you achieve YOUR goals. 

Our style of training is functional - which helps you move and feel better in your every day life. 


Do you struggle with making the right food choices and eating a balanced diet? Do you want to improve the way you feel? You can! We will teach you everything you need to know to change your habits and live a strong and healthy life. You will feel, look, and move better and gain more confidence and resilience - all with the goal of improving your life! 

Virtual Programs & Retreats

Online fitness and yoga classes designed by our highly skilled, certified trainers and instructors to motivate, educate, and push you through each workout. Our programs are safe and effective for everyone. 

Workout At Home: Online Programs

Core and Core PRO online memberships are here to bring you Focused Results 24/7. Use our online video library to build upon your current exercise/wellness program on your own, or have one of our experienced instructors guide you through a personalized program tailored just for you.


Core and Core PRO Online Memberships Begin August 16th.

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Change Your Lifestyle – Have Fun While Making a Change

When people try to follow a rigid, regimented, plan rather than a goal of changing their lifestyle, most invariably fail and quit. Focused Results wants each client to gently, slowly, and positively improve their health and wellness. With each 30- or 60-minute session, we will help you see improvements and progress. 

We use equipment that builds your core strength by using your own weight. Even our cardio equipment is special: instead of motorized treadmills that dictate your speed, we have a machine called Curve, a self-powered treadmill where you are in control.

We Believe Every Client is a Unique Person, Not a Project

Our clients may come to us for flexibility, strength, or overall fitness. We often see people who are in physical therapy following surgery or recovering from an injury. At Focused Results, we design a fitness program unique to every client's goals and abilities. You are unique. Your goals are unique. We recognize you are a person, not a "project."

Start your journey

Be well. Live well.

Ignite Your Fire Podcast Interview with Iain Campbell

On this episode of the Ignite Your Fire podcast, Zak and Dani sit down with world championship ironman competitor Iain Campbell to discuss his fitness journey, competing in Ironmans, and much more! 

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Focused Results 

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