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Personal Training

Focused Results

Where health isn't an option...It's a Lifestyle...

We're available online

And in Person!

Weekly Group Classes 

Tuesdays @ 2:00 - 2:45 pm
Wednesdays @ 6:30 - 7:15 pm

Focused Results

Personal Training

Where individuals come to change their lives. Focused Results brings together physical fitness, nutrition coaching, and mindful choices. 







Where HEALTH isn't an's a LIFESTYLE !

Explore Our Services!


Do you struggle with making the right food choices and eating a balanced diet?
Do you want to improve the way you feel? You can!

We will guide you through everything you need to know to change your habits and live a strong and healthy life.

You will feel, look, and move better and gain more confidence and resilience - all with the goal of improving your life! 

Personal Training

Look and feel your best with Focused Results' Personal Training. Our highly-skilled, certified personal trainers will design individualized programs to help you achieve YOUR goals. 

Our focus on functional strength training will help you move and feel better in your everyday life. 

Advanced Mobility and Sport-Specific  Programs

Advanced mobility and sport-specific training programs are designed to help individuals improve their mobility, achieve specific goals, and excel in their chosen sports and activities. This unique approach is essential for your body, designed to awaken your joints and muscles and ensure they function optimally, allowing each joint to move freely and efficiently.

Our programs are safe and effective for everyone. 

Advanced Mobility Program

Our Advanced Mobility Training Program focuses on improving joint range of motion, flexibility, and overall functional mobility. With a comprehensive assessment, we identify your individual needs and create a customized training plan that targets your specific mobility limitations.

Unlike traditional training or stretching programs, it's not about how far you can stretch, but about training your nervous system and muscles to control and stabilize your body's movement through your entire range.

Our experienced trainers, specialized in advanced mobility training, guide you through each session to ensure proper technique and progression. Experience the benefits of enhanced mobility, improved movement quality, reduced pain, and the ability to perform everyday activities with ease.

Sports-Specific Training

If you have sport-specific goals, our Sport-Specific Training program is tailored to meet your unique needs.

We understand that different sports require specific conditioning and mobility skills. In addition to mobility enhancement, our trainers incorporate sport-specific exercises, techniques, and conditioning protocols to optimize your performance.


This program begins with a comprehensive assessment, including mobility tests and sport-specific evaluations, ensuring we address the areas that matter most to your sport. Achieve improved mobility, enhanced sport-specific skills, increased performance, reduced risk of injuries, and gain a competitive edge in your desired sport.

Wellness Club

Our new Wellness Club is the perfect way to stay on track with your health and fitness goals! Our monthly membership includes precision nutrition and nutrition coaching, video on demand access, protected time slots, and more. With the Wellness Club you'll have the tools and resources to stay motivated and reach your goals, no matter where you are. Sign up today and start your journey to a healthier, happier you

Workout at Home: Online Programs

Online memberships are here to bring you Focused Results 24/7. Use our online video library to build upon your current exercise/wellness program on your own, or have one of our experienced instructors guide you through a personalized program tailored just for you.

Two Week Vacation Pass

Online Workouts

Online workouts include a variety of fitness options including body weight and weight options, Hitt and core. 

Yoga & Meditation

10-30 min yoga classes to get you moving! Relax, restore and stretch! 5-minute meditations for the morning, evening, or throughout the day.

15 Days of Wellness

The much LOVED 15-day program is back! 15 days of guided daily health and wellness fitness program that will keep you focused and motivated.

Functional Range Conditioning

This playlist contains all the controlled articulation rotation (CARS) demonstrations for each joint. Improve range of motion and long term joint health.


Our head trainers work hard to create exercises right for you. 


Owner, Personal Trainer, Functional Range Conditioning Coach, Nutrition Coach


Personal Trainer, Postural Restoration Coach, Nutrition Coach


Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach




Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Functional Range Conditioning Coach


Personal Trainer, Functional Range Conditioning Coach, Nutrition Coach


Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach

HERE First

Hear what our clients have to say about their workouts and their experiences.

"Zak Rivera is a truly excellent trainer and has been my personal trainer for the last 3 years. An outstanding master of his craft, he individualizes each workout to challenge me and to make sure that my own personal goals are achieved."

Georgina C.

"I have been a client  of Focused Results for almost 7 years.  I have been thoroughly impressed with the experience and am in complete alignment with their philosophical approach to health, wellness and strength training.   Their approach to training is a wholistic one."


"The first day I walked into his workout studio I have to say I was intimidated. Starting something new can be a little scary. His facility is very cozy and gives you a feeling of ease as you walk in."

Michelle M.

Change Your Lifestyle 
Have Fun While Making a Change

When people try to follow a rigid, regimented, plan rather than a goal of changing their lifestyle, most invariably fail and quit. Focused Results wants each client to gently, slowly, and positively improve their health and wellness. With each 30- or 60-minute session, we will help you see improvements and progress. 

We use equipment that builds your core strength by using your own weight. Even our cardio equipment is special: instead of motorized treadmills that dictate your speed, we have a machine called Curve, a self-powered treadmill where you are in control.

We Believe Every Client 
is a Unique Person, Not a Project

Our clients may come to us for flexibility, strength, or overall fitness. We often see people who are in physical therapy following surgery or recovering from an injury. At Focused Results, we design a fitness program unique to every client's goals and abilities. You are unique. Your goals are unique. We recognize you are a person, not a "project."


Ignite Your Fire Podcast Interview with Iain Campbell

On this episode of the Ignite Your Fire podcast, Zak and Dani sit down with world championship ironman competitor Iain Campbell to discuss his fitness journey, competing in Ironmans, and much more! 


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