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Cultivating Success: Focused Results and Lake Forest College

blog May 07, 2021

When I started my senior year at Lake Forest College, I needed an internship to graduate. I applied to many places, but the only one willing to take a chance on me was Focused Results. I’m glad they did, because completing my internship here has taught me valuable life lessons, skills, professionalism, and so much more.  

Giving back to the community is one of the core values for the team at Focused Results. We primarily do this through our personal training and nutritional coaching that is designed to help you feel better, move better, and have an improved quality of life. Behind the scenes, past all the sweat, dumbbells, mats, and TRX straps, Zak and Kristen Rivera, owner and co-owner of the studio, are helping students in both high school and college achieve success. 

I asked Zak a few questions about his involvement with the community and different ways he’s helped students, like myself, transition from higher education to a full-time job:

Have you...

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Ignite Your Fire: Interview with Iain Campbell

"You don't find the time, you make the time". These are the words of World Championship Ironman competitor Iain Campbell. On this episode of the Ignite Your Fire podcast Zak and Dani sit down with Iain to discuss his fitness journey and how he became a world championship competitor. 

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My Perspective on Wellness

blog Mar 29, 2020

My Perspective on Wellness


This year forced me to reflect on my workouts. A year ago today, March 29, 2019, I received a phone call that made me pause. I had cancer. How? I was 36 years old and in the best shape of my life. I was numb. I wasn’t prepared to process this news. The next day, I went to the studio - my home away from home, my safe place - and had a great workout. Working out has always been an outlet for me. A veteran personal trainer and fitness studio owner...none of it made sense. 

Since my diagnosis of rectal cancer, I underwent two major surgeries and had three hospital stays. I had some very serious health issues that continue to affect my everyday life. I had a colorectal resection and an ileostomy reversal a short time later. I completely underestimated the effect this would have on my health. In my mind, I was still a strong personal trainer. In reality, my strength and stamina were much weaker. My body completely changed. There were times I...

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