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Ignite Your Fire: Interview with Iain Campbell

"You don't find the time, you make the time". These are the words of World Championship Ironman competitor Iain Campbell. On this episode of the Ignite Your Fire podcast Zak and Dani sit down with Iain to discuss his fitness journey and how he became a world championship competitor. 

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What is P.R.I.?

fitness Feb 22, 2021

What is postural restoration?

Over the past 30 years, Ron Hruska and his team at the Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) have been developing a systematic approach to address postural-related issues. These postural issues can cause a wide range of chronic and acute pain throughout the body like knees, lower back, neck, and even jaw pain. These irritations can occur because the human body is an integrative machine that uses multiple systems at any given time to achieve tasks and to continue living life in a healthy sustainable manner. When one part of the body isn’t performing as it should, other parts of your body begin to underperform as a result. Each part is connected to one another. 


That is exactly how the Postural Restoration approach differs in changing posture and G.A.I.T. mechanics (the mechanics you use to walk) to affect change in performance. The PRI approach gets the nervous system and respiratory system involved to invoke change to your...

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Why You Should Box

fitness Sep 10, 2020

Switch up your exercise routine with boxing! Boxing is a stress-relieving, full-body workout that challenges your endurance while helping you develop confidence and coordination. 

I incorporate boxing for my clients who want to work on their cardiovascular endurance, want to try something new, or want to let off some steam. It’s a safe and effective workout that people of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy. A lot of individuals seem intimidated when they first start a boxing routine, but their confidence grows as they continue to progress and get comfortable! Self-defense and life skills, like hand-eye coordination, can help you navigate through everyday life with ease and alertness. (Think of dancing over spilled Legos on the floor while knocking out all the tasks on your to-do list - yes, that includes virtually learning.)

Have you tried shadowboxing? It’s a great alternative to boxing and can be done from anywhere. You don't need equipment or a lot of space,...

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